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Awesome DIY Backyard Idea for South Carolina Home Owners

While the wife probably has a dozen or so DIY gardening projects planned for this summer, its time for you to get your own DIY yard project, and this might just be the ultimate.

Make your own backyard bowling alley! Forget about the typical boring yard games for barbecue season, why not do something epic? This is something that will set your barbecue parties leagues above the rest!

It takes a little, or maybe a lot, of elbow grease, but boy is this worth it! If you have some handyman skills your good to go. If not, just get some tool jockey buddies over for the weekend, buy some brews and get building!

Make sure you have a decent size backyard so you have enough distance for your lane.

This guy first planned out the outline so he knew the various wood lengths required to get the alley going.

He used his computer to construct a 3D drawing to help visualize how the whole thing would end up looking.

What an incredibly unique addition to your backyard!

Check out the cool pulley system this guy put together! No need to manually re-rack, after each turn the pulleys do it all!

Backyard bowling at its best.

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